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Who do we work with?

We work with business owners who are Christians or want to instill Christian principles in their business and relationships. They are open to someone outside of their life and business providing advice, coaching, and consulting to help them to move from mediocrity to Soaring above!

Are you satisfied with your life and/or business remaining as it has always been, status quo and mediocre? If so, we are not the right advisors, coaches, or consultants for you.

We will spend time in prayer with and for you and your business. We will search scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the next steps for you and your business or workplace. How does He want to use you and your business to further His kingdom?

We will consult, advise, and coach you to help you discover what you are willing to act upon to move your life and business culture from incubation, fluttering, or flying along to Soaring above!

Christ calls us to reach out to others and to tell them about Him. Our responsibility is to tell others about how He has changed us and how they too can have a personal relationship with Him. God wants us to love Him and give Him the glory. Too many times we are looking for the glory for ourselves.

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