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Health & Well Being Resource Library

Resources will be added periodically to help you apply Christian principles and values to your business and life

Comprehensive Book Reviews

These Book Reviews provide an author bio, books objective, summary of ideas, and a conclusion.

The Pumpkin Plan – A straightforward (simple but not easy) explanation of why many people struggle and the strategy they can follow to succeed. How can this be applied to your health and well being?

Plant the right seeds                         Weed out the losers                         Nurture the winners


The Power of Habit – Why do we do what we do in life and work? Habits can be changed and transformed for the better. Use the ideas from scientific breakthroughs on the study of habits as a framework across a variety of personal and professional settings and examples to illustrate how habits can create success. What are the habits you are feeding?



Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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