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Finances & Charity Resource Library

Resources will be added periodically to help you apply Christian principles and values to your business and life

Comprehensive Book Reviews

These Book Reviews provide an author bio, books objective, summary of ideas, and a conclusion.

Profit First – A simple system to transform your personal finances from a cash eating monster to a money saving machine. Far too many people are focused on eliminated expenses or spending more than they earn and not on becoming financially free. You have to focus on having a healthy financial mindset first.

This book describes how a business can become more profitable but it also applies to your personal life. By putting money away before you need need it, you will have it when you need it.


The Pumpkin Plan – A straightforward (simple but not easy) explanation of why many business owners struggle and the strategy they can follow to succeed. What growth plan are you feeding?

Plant the right seeds                        Weed out the losers                        Nurture the winners



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Coming Soon!

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