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Business & Workplace Resource Library

Resources will be added periodically to help you apply Christian principles and values to your business and life

Business Articles

Business and Personal Analysis Tools

  • Business Effectiveness Evaluation
    Rank your business on a scale of 1 to 10 in 10 areas (10 questions for each area)
  • Personal Effectiveness Gap Analysis
    Where are you and where would you like to be in your personal life
  • Business Effectiveness Gap Analysis
    Where are you and where would you like to be in your business and leadership
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Comprehensive Book Reviews

These Book Reviews provide an author bio, books objective, summary of ideas, and a conclusion.

Profit First – A simple system to transform any business from a cash eating monster to a money making machine. Far too many businesses are focused on top line growth and revenue and not on being a healthy business (with significant profits). You have to focus on having a healthy business first.

This method for running a business turns financial accounting right side up, rather than focusing on how to stay afloat.


Start with Why – Most businesses describe their business by what they do and how they do it. Imagine if every organization started with WHY.  What would it look like?

Decisions would be simpler                          Trust would be a common currency
Loyalties would be greater                            Everyone would be on the same page


Made to Stick – ‘Why do some ideas survive and others die?’ Provide a workable framework for transforming your ideas from plain and general into sticky ones. Make your message Stick.

Nothing happens until you simplify your message and get to the Core of your idea. That must happen first.

Always be on the lookout for the Curse of Knowledge, you’ll think you’ve got it nailed when you’re actually confusing people.


Unstoppable Referrals – Why chase referrals when you can have them coming to you? It’s time to re-evaluate your approach to attracting referrals. Here is an approach to referrals that will have you kicking yourself for not doing this sooner.

You’ll finally see a path to attracting a predictable stream of referrals to your business…without ever “begging” for a referral again!


The Pumpkin Plan – A straightforward (simple but not easy) explanation of why many business owners struggle and the strategy they can follow to succeed. What to focus your time on.

Plant the right seeds                     Weed out the losers                          Nurture the winners


Tribal Leadership – Perspective and tools of a Tribal Leader, someone who can unstick the conveyor belt and make it run faster, to build a thriving organization for whole groups of people, no matter which stage they are in.

Do you have a Tribe of people who want to follow you?


Traction – Simplify what you, as a business owner, need to focus on and be concerned about. Here is a source to educate business owners and entrepreneurs and give you the tools and the systems you need to truly take control of your business, get traction and unlock the potential opportunity.

Get a grip on your business!


Great By Choice – Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not? Success in a rapidly changing world is driven by finding a clear path, innovating the right way and being consistently disciplined.

It’s your Choice!  Don’t be mediocre or satisfied with status quo.





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