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Leadership Coaching

What does it mean to be a Leader?

You are a leader if you have people following you. Many leaders have the title but are they really leading or are they telling?

When a coworker comes to you with an issue and they are looking for some help, do you give them the answer and send them on their way? Do you listen to them describe the issue and quickly give them the solution. If so, what will they do the next time they have an issue? Will they come to you for the answer?

What if your solution doesn’t work out? Who is responsible for the outcome? Will they come back to you the next time they have an issue? You continue having to provide solutions.

Are you helping them to find a solution to an issue? What if they make a mistake? What if their solution doesn’t work? Do you say that you would have done it differently or do you encourage them to think of another solution?

Who will be following in your footsteps when you decide that it is time to leave the business?

Through our Leadership Coaching, we will coach and advise you on how to make your leadership more effective. Along with coaching you, we will teach you how you can use the same techniques and skills to coach and mentor your team.

How to Become a leader who develops other Leaders

Do you want to go down this path to becoming a leader developer, even though it might mean that you are not making all the decisions?

Are you able to let others make decisions?   If NO, STOP here!

Good, then here is how to become a leader developer.

First of all, you have to recognize that you can be a leader developer without being officially granted the title of a leader.

Leadership is not something that can be conveyed with a title. You have to build trust with your team. You have to encourage your team and not make excuses. Leaders are leaders because people follow them, not because they are appointed to the position. Authority can be granted, leadership is earned.

You can be an authority without being a leader, and you can be a leader without authority. In fact, some of the most effective leaders operate without any authority at all, because they don’t need it.

With that said, becoming a leader developer is more about earning the respect and trust of your followers than anything else. When your people know that you value their input, they are more likely to contribute to a solution.

In order to become a leader developer, you need to show that you are not just competent, but also have the capacity to foster relationship, encourage, build a sense of unity, and inspire them.

A true leader, of any sort, is able to bring people together and unite them for a common cause or vision.

Here are a few traits I think a good leader should possess:

  • Responsible
  • Motivated
  • Competent
  • Humble
  • Has conviction
  • Good communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Trustworthy

If you want to be a leader developer, you should focus on developing those traits. You will want to invest in your soft skills like active listening and asking powerful questions. You focus on them with no distractions. You are present and focused on them. Questions are open ended that require more than a yes or no.

These are the skills we will help you to develop or increase your confidence in utilizing.

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