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Does Your Business Advisor/Coach help you to Transform your Business?

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:1-2

Business Advisors/Coaches, like athletic coaches, know the rules and the structure of the game very well and carefully observe how the game is being played. From this informed and experienced position, we then work with owners and leaders toward steady, sustainable improvement. As an external advisor/coach, we offer a much-needed outside perspective, challenge your abilities and provide the discipline and skills necessary to do the difficult work resulting in sustainable improved performance!

Our Business Advisors/Coaches are experts in various areas and processes of entrepreneurial, small, and medium size businesses.   They are professionals who study what makes a business owner and leader successful. In practice, they take the time to understand the business completely and provide systematic development strategies that help YOU to reach the desired outcome.

A Business Advisor/Coach works to develop the whole business on a continuous basis, in contrast to a consulting engagement where expertise is typically focused on a specific stand-alone issue.  Our Business Advisors/Coaches are skilled in the development of areas such as leadership skills, technology, marketing systems, sales training systems, development of customer service systems, human resources, and financial analysis.

Your Trusted Advisor

The traditional advisors to business owners are usually accountants and attorneys. These professionals focus mainly on compliance. Accountants focus largely on financial matters such as ensuring that financial statements are prepared in accordance with GAAP and that tax returns are filed in accordance with tax regulations.  Attorneys are focused on legal matters, ensuring the correct business entity is selected and the various legal issues encountered in the regular course of operations are dealt with in a timely manner.  However, business owners do not meet with these advisors regularly. At Soaring Eagles, quite the opposite is true.

We meet with our clients regularly (often weekly) and are always available by phone, email, and webinar to provide help or even to act as a sounding board. During these ongoing, regularly scheduled meetings, business owners and leaders learn strategies and apply them to the business, now. This constant contact ensures accountability and fosters dynamic, continuous progress which creates incredible momentum!  At Soaring Eagles we concentrate on moving the business to where you want it to be. 


Who Works With A Business Advisor/Coach?

Business owners, sole proprietors, managers, supervisors, professionals and others who normally work with us are, first and foremost, open to being advised or coached. Quite often they:

  • Seek measurable, sustainable change and empowerment
  • Need to address technical areas of their business
  • Want to take their business to the next stage.
  • Need to develop more solid operating systems and procedures.
  • Need to increase the value of their business so someone else would want to buy it.
  • May be preparing to sell or turn their business over to someone else.
  • Work too hard (often, 50–75 hours per week or more).
  • Are frustrated about finding, training, managing, and keeping great employees.
  • Find themselves procrastinating or avoiding certain duties and responsibilities.
  • Are concerned because they spend too much time working and have little or no time left for family.
  • Are stressed trying to continually shoulder the challenge of producing new ideas and strategies to build their business beyond where it is today.
  • Are worn out because work isn’t fun anymore, it is a struggle.
  • Struggle inter-personally due to a wide variety of work styles and personalities.
  • Feel the need to talk with someone with deep business experience and know-how.
  • May be very comfortable with their skill-sets in some areas, but are looking
    to develop or sharpen skills in others.

From one-on-one advising or coaching to business effectiveness groups to mastermind groups to next generation leader training and more. We have services to fit any budget and have a burning desire to help you to grow your business and see to it that you become a successful business leader – “one that Soars above the rest.”!

You were Meant to Soar!

Go from incubation, fluttering, or flying to Soaring !

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