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Membership in Soar Above Club

Membership in the Soar Above Club includes access to business topics via video, podcasts, presentations, and written information for a monthly fee. You are able to access the club at your convenience.

The club will provide topic relevant to business ownership, leadership, marketing, sales, and general operating procedures and processes.

Their are also business book reviews that provide you a summary of the main topics of each book we review.

For more information see the membership page.

Business Advising and Coaching

Our business advisors, coaches, and consultants help you gain deep clarity and take powerful action steps to obtain the results you are looking for. We Lead with Listening!

You are the leader of your organization. You are expected to set the direction of
your business, and help build and develop your leadership team and

Your Business Your way

You are supposed to lead.
You were Meant to Soar not be mediocre.

Who chooses an Advisor/coach or Consultant? High performers. Those who want and desire to be different than the status quo.

People who want to dramatically improve their performance have coaches. Can you think
of any world-class athlete who doesn’t? In fact, as top athletes rise to the
highest levels, they receive more coaching, not less. They know, for all their
natural ability, that it takes the insights of others to perform their absolute
best. They desire to be the best.

It is no different when it comes to business.

Get more out of your Workplace

Working with an Advisor/Coach is the fastest, most effective way to get to where you want to go. There is a time where each of us realizes that what got us here will not get us to the next stage. When we understand that our businesses can perform better, that is when we perform better. 

There is a time when you have to take a new approach to get what you are really
after. By now you know what needs to change, it’s just a matter of making it happen.

We can do this Together. We help businesses go from incubation and fluttering to flying and soaring. 

Everyone needs an Advisor or Coach. We all need someone who will give us honest feedback. That is how we reach new heights.

For more information on our Business Advising and Coaching click here.

Coaching and Consulting

Our Coaches and Consultants will help you with specific direction and guidance based on your needs whether it is short term or longer. We will inform you if the area you are seeking coaching or consulting for is not in our expertise. We will refer you to someone who is qualified to coach or consult with you. We want what is the best for you.

As a Consultant, we believe that you are looking for a specific solution to your issue and in a timely manner. We can also come alongside you to help you implement the solution if that is your desire. Our consultants do not just give you a solution and then leave it up to you to implement it.

For more information on our Coaching or Consulting click here.

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching works with leaders to help them develop other leaders. Develop your next generation of leaders who will be following your current leaders. Most leaders focus on telling or instructing others on what they need to do. This leads to the team members coming to the leader for all the answers.

By using our unique advising and coaching techniques, we help you to actively listen before coming to conclusions, ask powerful questions that generate a thoughtful response or conclusion, and to follow up on what the results were. We help you not to assume that everyone understood and implemented the solution.

To find out more about our Leadership Coaching click here.


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