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What technology do you use?  


Steve Beaman
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20/07/2020 10:20 pm  

Having owned businesses that focused on the use of technology since 1975, I have been involved in numerous advances and seen numerous failures. Usually technology fails because it was poorly implemented or it was not the correct solution.

Here are some technology options that I use daily.


Dwell - a daily devotional audio

Calendar - tracking my appointments in my phone

Email - respond to emails while I am out of the office

LinkedIn - respond to connections and groups

Kindle, ibooks - reading during some off time - also Audible for audio books



Office 365 - create content and track income and expenses

Mac Notes - quick idea posts

itunes - listening to inspirational music


On line

Zoom - video creation and meetings

OBS Studio - video creation and editing

You Tube and Vimeo - video hosting - project tracking

Active Campaign - email automation

Smarter Queue - social media posting (scheduled) - outside services like video creation, logo creation, branding, etc.


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