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Investing in the next generation  


Steve Beaman
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23/07/2020 5:52 pm  

How are you investing in the next generation of leaders at your workplace?

You don't have to be their boss in order to lead others. Being a leader is not a title but a mindset. You can lead by being a mentor, coworker, or confidant. I like to use coaching in my leadership.

Coaching is different than mentoring, consulting, and counseling. 

With coaching you are listening attentively to the other person and asking powerful questions in order for the other person to come to a resolution. You are listening with curiosity and to help the other person to gain clarity. You are not listening so that you can come up with a good question. When I am coaching, I am listening to the other person and to the Holy Spirit at the same time. I wait for the Holy Spirit to direct our conversation. I spend 80 percent of the time together just listening. It is amazing what people with tell you if you just be quiet. I leave time for periods of silence. This many times helps the other person to discover a solution.

With mentoring you are sharing from your experience of what worked or did not work for you. You are telling rather than asking. You are instructing the other person on what to do but not necessarily on why you do something the way you do.

There are times when you have to do both coaching and mentoring. Be careful not to jump to mentoring when there is silence.

Consulting is based on your own expertise. Counseling is based on fixing a problem. The other person may not need your expertise or to be fixed.

Have you used coaching in your leadership?

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