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How does Jesus lead...
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How does Jesus lead?

Steve Beaman
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What do you think of when I say to Lead like Jesus?

Maybe you think of servant leadership. I think it means much more. When I think about leading like Jesus, I think of how Jesus connected with people on their level. How He relates to each one differently. We are each created in God's image to do the work He has called us to do. 

Jesus took time to stop what he was doing in order to connect with his followers. He gave each one focused attention. He gave them reasons to follow him. How are you connecting with your team?

Do you see your workplace as your mission field? Do you pray for your coworkers? Do you see yourself as a leader?

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John Davis
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As I ponder and reflect on this, I can see by Jesus' example that I fall short of being the kind of leader that He is. I want to lead like Him and I pray that I can be more supportive to my team members. After all, we are all created in God's image and are called to give Him all of the glory.

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