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About Steven J Beaman – Principal & Owner

Steven J Beaman has been a business owner and leader since 1985. Prior to 1985 Steven worked for business consulting firms in Minnesota providing Information Technology consulting in the the areas of custom software development, Accounting systems development, Computer systems implementation, and general business advising.

In 1985, Steven became one of the owners of a Software Development business in Minnesota. The business became an IBM Business Partner that sold and installed business systems for Distributors, Retail, Manufacturing, and Service businesses. Steven worked with numerous businesses to enhance their systems and processes in order to improve the business overall productivity.

In 2001, Steven became an IT Director for a manufacturing business in which he implemented solutions that helped the business become more efficient.

In 2004, Steven became the owner of BCSG, LLC a software development and consulting business that worked with numerous Distribution, Manufacturing, and Service businesses in the USA.

In 2011, Steven became a certified professional business coach and started Soaring Eagles Business Advisors.

Who are We?

At Soaring Eagles we decided to use the term Advisors since Coach is over used. Not many coach by listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction on what powerful questions to ask the coachee. The questions we ask help you to come to a clear conclusion on what your next steps will be. We then come alongside you and your business to help you take ACTION!

Soaring Eagles Business Advisors was started in 2011 to help businesses

“NOT make the same mistakes that other businesses do or have done”.

Examples include:

Not having a consistent prayer time for the business and people
No clear vision, mission, or values for the business
Flying by the seat of the pants
Ownership split 50/50 (partners)
Hiring inexperienced people without available time to train or mentor
Keeping people too long
Paying Salary and Commissions to salespeople
and more…

Soaring Eagles was started after the principal and owner became a Certified Professional Business Coach through Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA). He then went on to achieving Advanced Certification with the PBCA.

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