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Meant to Soar

Christian principles and values applied to your business and life.

Is This You?

You are a business owner, executive, or leader who is Christian and wants to utilize Christian principles in your business and life.

You are ready to take the steps needed in your business and life by connecting with the Holy Spirit and asking for His leading. You want to follow the message of Isaiah 40:31 – “They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up on wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

Your Challenge

Your business is good or successful, but there is something missing. You know it can be better.

You and/or your business:

  • Want to be aligned with your core values
  • Feel stuck in the status quo or mediocrity
  • Feel out of alignment or lacks integrity
  • Feel like there must be more
  • Want or need to reach more of your ideal customers or clients
  • Has a high turnover of employees or needs better hiring practices
  • Need stronger leadership or how to bring on the next generation of leaders

How We Help

We help you to increase your business and personal effectiveness, which means you will have more time for the others things that you love to do.

Soaring Eagles sharpens the leadership abilities of C-Suite Executives, leadership teams, and the next generation of leaders. As Iron sharpens Iron.

We will spend time in prayer with and for you and your business. We will search scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the next steps for you and your business. How does He want to use you and your business to further His kingdom?

We will consult, advise, and coach you to help you discover what you are willing to act upon to move your business from incubation, fluttering, or flying to Soaring above!

Christ calls us to reach out to others and to tell them about Him. Our responsibility is to tell others about how He has changed us and how they too can have a personal relationship with Him. God wants us to love Him and give Him the glory. Too many times we are looking for the glory for ourselves.

You were Meant to Soar! Not be mediocre or stuck to the status quo.

The Soar Above Club

Access numerous business and leadership topics and strategies to improve your business and personal effectiveness.


Business & Leadership Coaching Services

Business Coaching

Get the guidance from a certified professional business coach who can bring out your best solutions. A coach who is also a business owner not just a coach.


Leadership Coaching

Increase your leadership capacity and methodology. Learn how you too can use coaching techniques to connect with your team.


The Results

You can expect the following from our offerings:


  • Results that work for you and your business (not a one size fits all)
  • Outcomes that will move you from fluttering to SOARing above!
  • Accountability to TAKE ACTION and move forward
  • Issues solved in a timely manner

Who We Are

We are Certified Professional Business Advisors/Coaches with decades of business experience and seasoned leadership skills. We equip your leaders and the next generation of leaders to understand and leverage their strengths and to develop new leadership capabilities. We focus on Business Effectiveness, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Communications Excellence, and other disciplines, including People Management, Marketing, Sales, Technology, and so much more. All this from Christian principles and helping you and your business to SOAR and enjoy a more abundant life.

Our advisors/coaches and consultants have founded companies and led teams in organizations of all sizes. Businesses contact us to help them maximize opportunities to grow their business quickly and profitably, serving their clients and customers in an exceptional way.

Reach Out to Us

Learn more about how our services can help take you and your business to the next stage of the business lifecycle.

Schedule a free Discovery Session by clicking on the button below and choosing a day and time on our calendar.


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